Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. This fact is undeniable, which is why even the current First Lady has taken initiatives to focus on programs that will provide the solution for weight loss. Obesity is mostly the result of an unhealthy lifestyle prevalent to urban dwellers. Junk and fast foods have become the favorite dinners especially by kids. It is no wonder that even those in their early teens already suffer from being overweight. The best solution to this is to have a balanced diet paired with exercise. However, some of those suffering from obesity want faster results than these normal regimens can offer so they resort to pills or other products that help them lose weight. The problem is they fail to check the validity of those claims and the exact ingredients they have. They can contain chemicals that can cause adverse effects to the body.

If you would like take supplements to support your weight loss goal, a safe product is the green coffee extract. According to studies, 12 weeks of using this supplement has resulted to a weight loss of 17 pounds in average. The actual range of weight loss is between 7 to 26 pounds, dependent primarily on the amount of dosage, which varies from 700 to 1050 mg.

The Secret Behinds Green Coffee Extract

People will normally question why they should take supplements that contain green coffee extract instead of just drinking coffee. The answer lies on a vital plant compound known as chlorogenic acid. The scientists who conducted the study believe that the chlorogenic acid aids the weight loss process by keeping down glucose absorption and inhibiting fat build up. This, subsequently, helps reduce weight. Unfortunately, once the coffee beans are roasted, chlorogenic acid breaks down, which is why the unroasted and unprocessed form is recommended for weight loss.

Cholorogenic acid is a polyphenol. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that help the body in fighting free radicals and raising the immunity. Therefore, aside from losing weight, this green coffee extract also helps repair the body’s damaged cells, which is often the cause of cancer.

Another benefit of this extract is that it is purely natural. People need not fear about any harmful chemicals that can interact with their bodies. The recommended dosage of coffee bean supplements is 400mg thirty minutes before meals, twice a day.

Dr. Oz’s Take on Green Coffee Extract

A popular doctor and television personality who supports the claims of the green coffee extract is Dr. Oz. He has highly recommended it in his shows with a reminder to users to stick to pure forms. This means that you should make sure that the supplement you buy does not include fillers or additives. By looking at the label, you should only see one ingredient, which is green coffee.

Here are some reliable brands:

-Xtreme Green Coffee – It contains 100% green coffee, with a standardized 50% chlorogenic acid. It is manufactured by an FDA-certified facility that adheres to cGMP.

-Green Coffee Lipo – This too contains 100% green coffee, thus, it naturally helps in reducing your appetite. It has been clinically tested safe to consume every day.


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